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Friday, January 14th 2011

5:12 AM

Cho stressed it did not strike the mouth Hwid regatta together

Cho stressed it did not strike the mouth Hwid regatta together.

        Roberto Qi it is Uunsืo Manchester City Do not lean not think the players to practice a violent After Hwid have occurred during the same Yrongamyi Colony cartoon hawk and M. Manuel de By The North said during the session to understand the incident. But he did not want it to have something like this happens again, if not necessary.
     Manchester City are now performing better chance to win a championship. It has a negative news came out that the cartoon hawk Colony Center ผลบอล Team Bag Ivory Coast are on the Manuel M. de By The North Togo striker residents. Act together to step down wood ever. During the session. And the teammates have to separate both from each other.
     Members agree that it is a true story Daelaaebraแygong in the field, saying, "I know that every team has some time at this event can occur. When you are with the team and practice every day. Playing with a full 100 percent, it can happen in this style. I fought the practice field nearly five times during my working life. Once when I was young. I was on the British players. Playing with my new Sarah Maria Pipe dough that is Trevor Francis, I can not remember the cause of it. Because it almost 25 years ago, but I do remember it very well. It was very big then. But it has to end. "
     Ply with the issue of small North By The De Qi, it is said, "I am not interested in headlines, I like the players do not compete in field trial But this happens in every club. We ordered a fine player for brawl Because we do not want to let it happen again, sometimes not, sometimes it's better than. "
     "It is not a concern. Since it started and then finish it in 2 บอล minutes in the dressing room will end. We ordered a fine player. Players have to pay. Finally, the money will be donated to. We called it 'cause tension I understand that it can happen sometimes but not always, it can happen sometimes. I do not worry. Because it was not a serious matter. It is all so stupid, "Kobayashi is, it concluded.
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Thursday, January 13th 2011

4:37 AM

Thong's collapse hot football Juniors 5-0

Thong's collapse hot football Juniors 5-0.


      "Kilen arrogant" Muang Thai Premier League champions Manchester United 2 times to warm the field against a team of young army Kilen Muang Thong Set 5-0 defeat away to reveal hot cue on Jan. 13 will have to warm up matches. "Dragon Fire 3 K" BEC Tero ผลบอล religion Chok Sat at 16:00 pm

       News Player Movement Army "Kilen arrogant" Muang Thai Premier League champions Manchester United last time was two to warm up with the youth team at Muang Thong Chai S. Ho Sang by this appointment of Robert Pro manual intervention team manager. use matches this Try Player a new move to bring the Cup Blue Boon to Tun and Vishnu Sak glass fluorescent Mr. anal a-box that moved from Songkhla FC players the international almost all The results show that Set Kilen army. Tactic to win over the living. Thong's youth. To the foot by 5-0 on Jan. 13 will be a warm up match with the "Dragon Fire 3 K" BEC Tero religion Chok Sat at 16:00 pm
"Vira" to practice with the army, "Kilen", then.

         In a training session in today's army, Muang Thong players. New members added that it was the Wira Putsa anal hand of the team said, "football Thep" Banks Cox United prepared to move to join the army. At a training session with teammates for the first time. The person concerned did not want revealed, expect to become a hand in any way. I do work for the team. "Now I do not know that I will move as a loan or have to wait to purchase it. Clear adults themselves. Now that I have left the contract with the team for a year. The acquired at Muang Thong. It is a challenge that we have a good gateway to the 3 people measure their own skills. It is not envy each other. After this request is made more fully to the team. "
"Kawin" near perfect, worry-free one hand position.

         What's the "you have to" fair Kawin Sattcha Nun. Mr. anal บอล hand of the team that maintains the right wrist injury. The person concerned has said. "Now clinical improvement and offline. Check the latest to say that the doctor himself. Feel better than expected in the first place. The thought would be another two weeks, it would come back into the same field. This is used to run a physical fitness to be ready before a training session. Fully with the team. "

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Tuesday, January 11th 2011

4:10 AM

D-Day, January 12 The football pre million last year. Preparing a second round of screening

D-Day, January 12 The football pre million last year. Preparing a second round of screening.

        Pre Olympic soccer team, preparing the players selected in the second wave on Wednesday, January 12 and Friday 14 January 54 was the last time prior to dictate to find 26 players to camp life in confinement. January 17, 54 and team manager. Uunsืo care team and ensure all clubs let players come to practice with the national team of course. Because no one wants to see a Thai national football team has failed again wave

     The movement of the Thai national football team ผลบอล kit prepared football team battle rush Thai Olympic team will play at home on Feb. 23 and 54 with the Palestinian national team on March 9 to 54 visit to Palestine From the disclosure of the "Big Ka set new" ethics Kasem Wat families. Chom dedicated manager that on Wednesday 12 January 54 we will be chosen by the Thai national team players set battle in Pre Olympic Soccer is No. 2 in the playground Thai Beverage. (Field Meesuwan old) began at 14.00 am, letting players named 56 people to report to practice. And on Friday 14 January 54 will be chosen by the same field as last time. Before today announced the 26 players who enter the camp store at Thammasat Rangsit Center on Monday, 17 January 54.

    Carefully select their bones good experience.


     In the selection of the Thai national team players set in the pre Olympic team Players will focus on good feet, a full generation old. Experience in the game. They will be considered first. If contact can not come together to practice with the team at all. We'll probably have to find the cut in 56 new players who played in the same position and nearly the same pace they replace. It is believed that in screening the 26 players who should not have to confine the problem.

     "Coach Lang" believes clubs to cooperate.


     Side, "coach Lang" Chanwit Biological head coach of a team of Thai national football team kit Pre Olympics said on Friday, January 54, we still have 14 players who completed 26 as desired. Next, we will call the club concerned for the players to cooperate. Let the players come to practice with the national team. I believe every club should go along

   If you did not really come to meet me halfway.


     Thai National Team Head Uunsืo set pre Olympics. Also said further that If the club refused to release the players really. I'll probably have to seek affiliation with the cooperation of the players to meet each other halfway. The session came two days with the national team on Monday - Tues Leave the remaining children back to practice with the club concerned. If all parties cooperate not be a problem.

     No one wants to see the national team failed.


     And the last SEA Games in battle. Including the Battle of Suzuki Cup บอล Asian Cup soccer team, the Thai national team failed. One reason it did not come from the players to practice together. I believe that Thai people do not want the Thai national football team have met with failure again. Therefore, all clubs must cooperate to release players to national team next set of pre Thailand. Olympics come to the national team, certainly.

      Many clubs to cooperate.


     "Coach Lang," also concluded that ". From discussions with the management teams of several clubs that have players around 56 people caught in many different clubs have agreed that players will be happy to come under the session. The Thai National Team Set Pre Olympics. Because children can benefit enormously with the training with the national team. A result, children are playing under the other hand, developed with
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Monday, January 10th 2011

5:28 AM

Li made great confidence in the Aussie Open again

Li made great confidence in the Aussie Open again.

        Li Nanak striking the ball felt young Chinese Sure will do better in battle Australian Open this year after piercing reach semifinal last year. Point now is that physical fitness more And no injuries disturbing. With subsequent installation into the Top  ผลบอล Ten of the world like a dream.

     Young tennis player Li Na of China. Out to reveal on Monday, January 10 at last she sure can do the job well again with it through the semifinal battle Tennis Grand Slam Australian Open at Melbourne Park. C Melbourne, Australia. In January this The same as last year. Or even reach through finals. After the return to fitness than ever before. And complete recovery from injury.
     Li performing splendidly in the battle Australian Open last year. With the win best of thrash with Caroline Wash Mania Hockey and Venus Williams before losing to Serena Williams in the semifinal, while Zheng Jia Neu steamer young fellow. nation. Access it through finals, too. But I have to lose consciousness to shoo d A. Nat.
     For this year, which beat Li Na Sierra Star Casino Road studio set that rivals the Australian 2-0 6-1, 6-2 in the first round of the Battle of Sydney International. On Monday last. Ensure that the show will be performing in the Grand Slam was the first of the year no less than the last.
     "I hope I can do better this year. Many people pay attention because I want to know How to go far this year. I always did well in Australia. A year ago, after I reach semifinal. My life has been changed slightly to "A Chinese girl said steamer.
     Li said she felt physically better for fighting the Australian Open will kick off on Monday, January 17, after training hard in the winter in China.
     "Last year I went down to play after having knee surgery. I do not know that I will do a good job how Now I feel more confident. Because I practice in the winter. Now I have no injuries. I have to devote 100 percent on the court I do not have to worry about a knee problem or something else, "said 28-year-old girl racket.
     Li is the first Chinese tennis player to enter the top 10 of the world บอล successfully. After doing great work at Melbourne. W. T., and win a tournament three items of self-achievement. By defeating Maria Tea Expo that mold Birmingham. In June last year.
     "The first time I enter the top 10 It's like a dream," Li is currently nest sites of the world's top 11.
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Sunday, January 9th 2011

5:17 AM

Thai elephants invaded the direction being Inao collapsed disastrously AB L 91-68 battle

Thai elephants invaded the direction being Inao collapsed disastrously AB L 91-68 battle.

        Huang Chang, Thailand stuffed Slam monomer slip invade high sensitivity to touch Sarah Brit Ta Da Smooth network of Indonesia 91-68, but it collapsed disastrously round with a ranking based on regular season anyway. The game strikes Slam final monomer is an open house with Singapore Sling in the firm's Asian Basketball League season 2010-2011 war.

     ASEAN competitive basketball league season 2010-2011, 14 shots on the night of Jan. 8 last Indonesian network Smooth Da Sa Ri only Brit Tama team's No. 5 TABLE 13 games the past five wins have statistics up. 8 with 10 points Open House ผลบอล Bristol Tama Arena in Indonesia. The visiting leader in a herd of elephants Thailand Slam monomer, which won 13 games the past 10 loses with 20 points 3.
     Results show that the Bristol Eye Cinema is a party to win 91-68 (25-12, 52-28, 69-49), the Bristol Eye added a statistical 8 wins 6 loses with 12 points to win the round. Playoff is part Slam Mercury's despite losing four shots, but as they round the course and win 10 games with 20 points.
     Whether the appointment by the end of the regular season, which Slam monomer will meet with the firm's Singapore Sling Building a Youth Sports Eysnt Japan - Thailand Din at 20.00 am, however, would have unfolded Slam Mercury. It is a number 1 in the regular season anyway.
     After the game representing La State Time Hockey Coach Hill Bristol Tama Tu said that the game we played as planned. By our efforts to cut Jason Dick Seasons Centre Slam import of monomer out of the game where the player can control his team under control.
     The All Seasons Center Dick Slam key member of monomer, which บอล appointment is made to the 17 points that first half we followed too far. We can not return to the game.
     While forward Marcus Morrison Bristol Tama. The player scoring the highest points in 26 games this said, we do not care that the game between the firm's Singapore Sling Bara Brunei Florida's manual how to come out. We are targeting the competition in the game. Finally, to meet with Air Asia, the Philippines, Pat Marriott's only full of fight, we will limit our ability. And hope that people will Support us like this.
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Saturday, January 8th 2011

4:27 AM

Nong said the world championship session 2 runs leaves the Mist Optical Malay.

Nong said the world championship session 2 runs leaves the Mist Optical Malay.

        "Nong said," Pat Poon Noppakao ride leaves young Thai youth sailing championship announced vigor Optical Mist. Including individual and personal female world champion female bench to sit two consecutive times. Previously, he was two ผลบอล years ago when the Samba dance is not only sailing team leaves Thailand. Also won the team has won best. After scoring total of the best boat The debate with 231 aircraft from 53 countries worldwide.

     The race for the World Youth Championships. Item Type Optical Miss World, CIO, Florida sailing championship in 2010 Langkawi Island. Malaysia on January 7 last. The final round.


     "Nong said," Poon Pat Neu Noppakao sailing leaves young Thai girls. World Champion 2009 in Brazil and the Asian Games gold medal No. 16, Guangzhou games "just to win the team. Chased down the champion in the over all types and individuals. Which today is a race to see the final total of 15 flights out of competition.


     The results showed that the "brother said," do the work as No. 1 to lose a total score 77 points Wins include both individual persons and women. And the World Champion individual woman, his second consecutive narrow 2 nd Noah punch site address Grill flights Abdul R. Sim left sail leaves young host is 28 points by Noah punch site address Grill is far waste. The 105 points rank third chance Keiichi Maeda from Japan to the tune of 3 points has lost 114 points total.


     While great Thotsapol Wichian despite finishing on 14 not pretty Neu. Is ranked 110, but the final show form the superior sustain boat finishes as top 6, with points lost total 127 points, Sarawut Petchsiri from which the top 3 the last day to finish at number 10 with points. Total lost 145 points, Jirawat WHATSOEVER similar position on 13 points with 152 points and waste Whit Clark Don software is ranked 142 with 502 total points lost points.


     In addition, Thai youth sailing team has won best บอล team has won with the vote counting of Neu ride leaves five people together show that the Thai team best scorer. From participating in the sailing competition of 231 aircraft from 53 countries worldwide.


     Admiral Sunan Mon element ผein sailing team manager said very pleased we have been waiting 34 years to be won over all categories. The brother said that since Brazil won the individual championship. But this time we have come to dominate the four champions.


     The team, individuals, including individuals and teams, but they missed a great boy type. We are ranked 5th, but that unfortunately is Jirawat source collision occurred because of pressure to be competitive enough to spin the better. I ship to more than 30 aircraft next to no chance that he will. It makes the job loss.


     However, this time Considered the most successful sailing association, founded last year and 2519, Thailand is a country. The won has won the most in 50 years of sailing competition Optical Mist. This shooter is the hope of the association in order to create works in the competition, especially the younger Mr. Apๆ considered a whole. He headed the team that can control the ball team. Because if not controlled, it can not overcome competitors.


     Sarawut the youngest athletes. For the first time of global competition. From the fact that he played three years with the development of better and more. He was also a vehicle to play another two years Don Whit Clark software to drive the team right now, and if compared with Sarawut still considered new to the sailing. From now on will have to prepare for the Asia Cup tournament. About July. And World Championships. New Zealand. In December. If you have a budget and we would like to send athletes to compete in Europe to get experience.


     Athletes set sail for Thailand is scheduled to return from Malaysia and the airport at 16.50 am with a good flight, F 3574, on 8 January this
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Friday, January 7th 2011

4:36 AM

Sailing red card appeal Saba Lake Vista.

Sailing red card appeal Saba Lake Vista.

        "Sailing the blue," Manchester City can not allow players under the simple penalty. Last appeal the red card cancellation Pablo Saba has received from Toyota played League games Arsenal strikes you read that when the order came last Wednesday revealed the FA prepared to consider this request on Friday ผลบอล.

     Football Association of England (FA) confirmed on Thursday, January 6 ago that Manchester City have filed the appeal withdrawal penalty red card to Pablo Saba Lake Vista full-back than the good people R. Jane Stein. Received from the Premier League game shots, "Blue Sail" to invade always Arsenic methanol 0-0, on Wednesday, January 5 last.

     Saba Lake Vista has been a red card before the referee did not whistle for the end game. Once into plug extraction Ba margarine Sa Ya back right Chom invades the ice cannon "serious and then both took the head push each other to each other with anger and Sarah big hit Sing-Shirt Black Eaepoid removed from the field as Even with the recent Arsenal million continues to silently read about Sarah's big red card, but Manchester City can not allow players under the simple penalty. And filed a story to appeal to the FA is complete บอล.

     FA statement issued through the Corporate website. "The FA Dot Com" (thefa.com) that "jurisdiction of Manchester City's Pablo Saba Lake Toyota claims that the decision errors Saba Toyota has been playing from the red card. City game with Arsenic methanol on January 5 last Discipline Committee will consider such claims. In this Friday, January 7. "
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Thursday, January 6th 2011

4:04 AM

little Thai girls lean against the table you enjoy the 4-4 Tennessee

little Thai girls lean against the table you enjoy the 4-4 Tennessee.

Thai woman raised a small table after being shot lead Venezuela 4 tablets before Saddam is a raging storm, a young girl always 4-4 Si Ma Nee to examine drug Mok Tai Porn Song Shooting cable management swell to two different national teams. Thai scores on the global stage success with "stepmother Tik" enemy-free Siriwan Futsal team manager team of Thai women are courageous contribution to the morale bag Serฟฟt different players and two billion baht to ensure it goes. gold medals Asian Indoor Games next yearผลบอล.

General materials Pinthong Siam Sports Reporters. The head women futsal team, the Thai national team that flew to the queue to strike football battle 'Female Futsal World Championship No. 1' in Madrid, Spain during December 3-11, which have time to 6 hours later than Thailand.

After an initial appointment in the field of battle first Futsal World Championship woman gone by young Thai party to defeat. Portugal national team desperately to a 0-5 to advance to the opportunity to play in the semifinal. Rather difficult as well, but the most recent "Tik stepmother" enemy-free Siriwan Futsal team manager female Thai national team finishes mission personal. Came together to cheer the Thai national team in Spain. From the morning at 08.00 am for 1 hour before the next person concerned has the shin young warlord small table. To see the practice field to edge Jose GABA play free Zero to mention the mouth to tell this infusion of money also. "After we lost the first meeting. Allows everyone to see the plan as a player. Not yet ready to meet with the team at Neu world. But in this second meeting, we are confident that it will keep the victory over Venezuela, and if possible cash injection will be given to all 125 euros each (about 5,000 U.S.) for moral support. Before going to meet with the Brazilian national team the next day. "

The 'coach Bear' Conservation General Srienern Uunsืo big beauty took his team to play the field Jose GABA Zero to tag tutorial Boutique. Child lost in the door and Portuguese players, as well as exercise on various plans. This is just an hour before going back to Hotel to relax and prepare Smooth Camera leave to compete in two shots. Venezuela national team.

Then, at 13.00 am Army National Soccer Team Thai small table down to lunch. The dining room at the Hotel Moody Camera provided at 14.30 am before the players come down to a team meeting on the 2nd floor of the hotel. Analysis, using the form playing a team player all the Thai people. This machine has been released from 'Madame Pook' Thee A Nun U Nissin assistant manager of Thai national team. That is worth up to 1.5 million and leading the team from around the world are often used as a transmitter gout playing football all their own.

At 16:10 am Army Futsal female Thai national team traveled to Lake Airport Jose GABA Zero Strike arena football to prepare to play in the second meeting with the players 'Elephant Battle' shirts, shorts and yellow socks, all The Venezuelan national team. The set are all white.

"Bears coach 'Conservation General Srienern beauty big boss of the team table, small Thai girl. Has also published a 5 first to enter the field consists of thousands of New Palace Kamolrat stand as Mr. anal defenders using Jira Prapha over Suri side Jira Prapha soft Ratana Singha with the young girl, Sri Ma Nee next target using Sasicha. Wong Poh.

Kick off the first half just 32 seconds before the door to the Thai lost when the ball cleared Wong Poh Sasicha uninterrupted. The foot ball to Yuri Camaro Ja fired a pole inserted into the first door to Venezuela 1-0 lead but the 3 pm close the door Thai national team beat the rival of Suri Jira Prapha pay over the ball through the box to the young girl, Sri. Ma Nee falls into any open fire. Ball back to the second pillar trim incredibly open game and second team offense well into fierce exchange. But any party that does not have to shoot a sharp 8 am hard enough, they now have the opportunity River Villa beat the ball in the first stroke. Ball to the next blog take thousands of New Kamolrat to spill into the Zero Maria Aromatics Japan to open any door to help take away Venezuela 2-0.


The side of the Thai National Team. The opportunity to sneak a bite from a fire pole in the 9 pm on Sasicha Wong Poh drag the ball along the line to climb through the left side. Prior to slash full ball left foot. Tending to hit the ball back to school, Mr. Venezuela anal flick the ball back out on time.
Venezuela has become a goal in the am 11 miles away from the crash of Sasicha Poh Wong paid into the ball to Barbara Sanchez snatched up the ball along the right lines. Before you decide to slice the ball into the middle to the chain drug Riza Pero shot played on the two towers to plug the net superior. Miss dance team from the 3-0 away.

Thai national team, also missed a chance to beat eggs, crack the door in 14 hours from stroke Jira Prapha Suri lifting the ball over to Wong Poh Sasicha jump shot volley at the two poles. After the ball back out. And minutes later the game of football back garden as a young Miss Rosa Dan's The Great Road SE shot through the thousands of New Kamolrat to take the door to make Venezuela a 4-0 score increase.

And then I am Thai girl 18 football Goal beaten egg to break the rhythm Jira Prapha Suri over to pay back the ball back to the young girl ran in Si Ma Nee beat Break into air, jump ball disappeared into the pile caught netting nicely to warlord, Chang Suk "chasing a 1-4 before the end of the first half to score with this


Half of the game after just two minutes ago when Thailand บอล was a chance to win Jira Prapha Ratana soft lion Flow to the ball along the right lines to the young girl, Sri Ma Nee surge to shoot immediately. Venezuela said it was anal flick the ball fell to 0.24 in a timely manner as Thailand was almost a second tablet. Matching the rhythm of a Hathaichanok Thep you come to a big tote Si Ma Ya Nee is full swing with the right. Ball back to hit the goalkeeper Venezuela beat left out the back minutes only Darika persistence Prime pod-half shot half over the pole two Pit drug Porn Mok Tai Song Charge Ball Cho him the door to the Thai chase up to 2. -4.


Invasion of the Thai game also holds the advantage continuously. And almost to the door at three in the 28 hours of pay channels through Jira Prapha Suri over to the Sasicha Poh Wong Cho falls into any shot. Hope to pass the ball Hynrong legs anal Venezuela, but said the next leg the next minute a persistent young girl, Sri Ma Nee drop the ball from the right side line to the Sasicha Wong Poh shot off the knee to shift to play on two pillars. But Venezuela goalkeeper also saved on time and slumped.

Thai women are still open game with no relent invaded many times but still can not fall into a positive score, they added 33 hours Sasicha Wong Poh-term chances they hope to beat the ball again. This time, Mr. Venezuela anal flick the ball spill, but also the defender was cleared to return to Thailand soon ฮึd again in 34 hours when the big Siri Ya Si Ma Ka Nee Chak ball to the left along the line. Then managed to slice off the two towers and a drug Pit Porn Mok Times sent him to a simple charge warlord, Chang Suk "pendant is 3-4 to get a second goal in this game with the person concerned.

5 minutes into the second half of Thailand's last game turned to a power play. So hopefully that will soon rival the door, they need to rest 38 hours in the field only four players who, when Prime Darika patience to deliberately kick the players jog Venezuela Judges do not wait for delve slow second yellow card. With a red card expulsion from the field immediately prior to 39 pm Thai Goal rivalry from the moment a young girl, Sri Ma Nee chance Saddam ball from the left side line. Lodge Ball Hynrong legs anal Venezuela said in a goal to help the Thai rival 4-4 and the second goal of the person concerned in this game.

Then the two teams opened the game with interchangeable push into approximate But no team can produce any extra score. Complete the game to tie a 4-4 Extreme keep a score on the first stage the world championship, this time successfully.


After the game 'stepmother Tik' Siriwan enemy without a team manager to be donated to morale among players and coaches Serฟฟt 2,000 each are available for interviews that "This is the result that our players have proven to the entire world see that. We can fight the strong national well of this size. Observed from the second half, we fold in the same field invasion. Although the remaining male players are less than before the end of the game. But we will be able to rival the success. "


Not only a hero to the team manager has revealed that the next target. For then they saw that all the players. Best to play this. Could say only that we are going to win Asian Indoor Games at the end of next year, Qatar has certainly


The 'Madame Pook' Thee A Non U Nissin assistant manager, said the team recognized that this was a great performance. Our players to fight with the team leading the world. Get a strong heart and a lot more games. When this moment on Ping spool speed of the phone, ask the competition. He knew enough that we can pursue with a rival male players on the pitch less than He preferred to make quite a lot.

In addition, the 'coach Bear' Conservation General Srienern beauty revealed that they have asked to applaud the play of all players. Because they can do the job splendidly. It is clear that everyone has a Ehiam Oh, and play a game system by then. And games that will face Brazil, they also hope that if the players play in a form today. It would break points are not difficult to Neu.


Concurrent with the young girl to stare Si Ma Ya Nee Tai Mok Song Porn 2 young football each scored two goals in the game also said that with a similar mix. Do not think the team will always be in this game. We shot lead. And the remaining less than male players. But also glad that allows Thai national team. The points in this tournament after a successful "stepmother Tik" has brought those players to celebrate the success of this. Shop at Burger King to return everyone's fatigue. And can have points on the global stage successfully.

The results also show that the pair of lines A, Portugal, Brazil, 2-2, while always call up the Japanese government Beach Sierra Guatemala lost 1-2 and 0-8 for the Spanish team's next scheduled program futsal team of Thai women to enter. Airport on December 8 was found with the Brazilian national team, Jose Airport GABA Arrow Lake at 19:30 pm local time in Spain.
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